Disclaimer: I made these wallpapers with Gimp on my free time just for fun.

I am not the designer of the images, if you are the author and you want me to take the wallpapers down, send me a message.

My take on the "tea house" gmail theme converted to a 1920x1081 jpg wallpaper.

The base images used for the Tea House wallpaper are these ones.

Jason made a dynamic wallpaper that changes throughout the course of the day showing the different scenes of the classic Tea House fox.

Check out Jason's automatic changing wallpaper

A 3200x1800 jpg experiment wallpaper based on the Misery Mire level from the videogame Zelda a link to the past.

A 1920x1080 jpg wallpaper based on random images I found on the internet with a common theme, the DevOps Universe.

The wallpaper includes a meme and a visual joke with a drunk astrounaut as well as several references to DevOps tools and technologies.

A linux vintage 1920x1080 jpg wallpaper.

The base images used for the wallpaper are this one and this one.